Full Mouth Reconstruction

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What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Do you have several missing, or broken teeth? Broken, infected gums and teeth, are all sources of unhealthy bacteria that is seeping into your body. Full mouth reconstruction is a functional treatment, where we restore your teeth and gingival tissues to achieve a better overall oral health, enhance your lifestyle, diet, and self-confidence. 

Full mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive treatment that takes your entire mouth, teeth, smile and bite into account. We address everything; tooth structure, color, shape, size and gingival tissue health. At the end of your treatment, you will look and feel like a new person. 

It is an approach where we “overhaul” your teeth and smile to achieve optimal oral health. It involves therapeutic treatments to fix and restore damaged, decayed teeth, as well as replace missing teeth.

We use the latest technology to manage oral health challenges that affect your overall state of well-being, not just the way your teeth look. In most situations, your dental procedure process can and will combine a variety of aesthetic and restorative dental procedures. Such as ceramic veneers, crowns, and dental implants. 

What is really fascinating is that we always plan the end result first, and work our way back from there. That means, before we even start your treatment, you will know how your teeth will look like in the end. 

What is the difference between Full Mouth Reconstruction and Smile Makeover?

Is full mouth reconstruction the same thing as a cosmetic smile makeover? It can be. But for a lot of people, a smile makeover is where we address specific cosmetic concerns usually in the front teeth, whereas full mouth reconstruction is a treatment you need for proper teeth function, and to be able to chew your food. That being said, newly reconstructed teeth also provide a cosmetic enhancement at the same time. For example, full mouth rehabilitation with crowns repairs your entire oral function and also improves how your smile looks.

Modern dentistry offers a wide choice of treatments to meet the diverse range of needs for all individuals. Whether we’re replacing missing teeth because of an injury, teeth worn down due to grinding, or to improve the appearance of your teeth, we tailor your treatment plan to meet the specific circumstances of your smile and to achieve the goals you are looking for.

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Our office provides an all inclusive cost. We also offer a variety of financing options, with 0% APR for 12 months through a simple application process. We will be delighted to help you get the smile you are looking for.





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